The ca cuoc bong da (football betting in vietnamese) handicap is a betting method that is not only limited to Asia but has already become a popular choice in Western countries. It is not as hard as it sounds. The chances of a win are 50/50 and one bets on only two outcomes as the draw has been eliminated. Additionally, a win is possible even if one’s team loses or if the match ends in a tie.

The underdogs are given a head start in this betting method. This is where the term ‘handicap’ comes from. A minus sign precedes the handicap for the favorite team wile a plus sign precedes the handicap for the underdogs.

The aspect that makes Asian handicap interesting is that the betting can also be made on the remainder of the match. Thus, the previous goals are not to be considered in your wager. The bookmakers provide the odds for the matches. These usually determine the wins that bettors may make.

The Asian handicap 0:0 means that the draw option is removed (Draw no bet). The Asian handicap 0.25 means that the game will start at 0-1/4. The underdog team has a quarter goal before the match begins and one may win, win half, lose or lode half their stake on the bet. The game starts at 0-1/2 in the Asian handicap 0.5. This means that the underdogs are awarded half a goal before the game starts. The only results are winning or losing the money staked. There is no money back in this case. The game starts at 0-3/4 in the Asian handicap 0.75 and this means that the underdog team is given a head start of a quarter goal before kick-off. Under Asian handicap 1, the underdog game is given a lead with one goal.

The payout method may be explained as follows: A win means that you will win your stake, which is multiplied by the odds. A lose results in you losing all your stakes. A lose half means that you will lose half of your stake and will be refunded the other half of it. A win half means that you will win half of your stake multiplied by the odds while the other half of your stake is refunded. In the case of a bet refund, one’s stake is returned. There is neither a win nor is there a loss.

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